Plumbing & Hot Water Systems Darwin

solar panel

Solar & Electric Hot Water Systems

Upgrading your hot water system is easy with Full On Water & Gas. Our plumbers can install a range of new hot water systems to meet your usage demands. We also install solar hot water systems to help save you money on your power bill. Why not contact our team today.

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Property Maintenance

Whether you need domestic or commercial work completed, our plumbers and gasfitters in Darwin offer specialised maintenance services for your systems. Keeping up to date with regular inspections helps to minimise the risk of blockages, leaks and expensive repair bills in the future. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency—enlist the support of Full On Plumbing & Gas today.

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Trust our team to promptly install whatever fixture, fitting or appliance you require. We have experience installing everything from new pipes and gas stovetops, to hot water systems. Do you need your new appliance connected to your water supply or gas lines? The tradesmen at Full On Plumbing & Gas are here to handle all your renovations and installations!

emergency call

24 Hour Emergency Service

Leaks, overflows and blockages can occur at any hour of the day or night. If you have noticed a gas or water leak in your home, contact Full On Plumbing & Gas for prompt emergency support. Our 24/7 mobile service is available whenever you need it. We will diagnose, repair and prevent damage to your property, while offering solutions for the future.

kitchen plumbing

Blocked Drains

Have you noticed your sink takes a while to drain? Perhaps your toilet overflows upon flushing? There may be a blockage in your drainage or pipelines. At Full On Plumbing & Gas, we use state-of-the-art CCTV and high-pressure water jetters to find and clear gathered debris caught within your pipes. Keep your plumbing systems running smoothly by calling us today.

street works

Pipe Location & Sewer Camera

Our plumbers are equipped with the latest technology to locate and track pipes running metres beneath the ground. Utilising CCTV and transmitter technology, we can expose buried nodes, pipe defects and more, without ever needing to excavate the surrounding soil. If you require pipe location in Darwin, you can’t go past Full On Plumbing & Gas

hot water systems

Hot Water Services

Need your new hot water system installed? We offer specialised repairs and installations you can depend on. Whether you require a tune-up for your old system, or a set-up for your new system, Darwin’s hot water experts are here for you! We’ll connect or correct your electric, solar or gas systems to ensure you have flowing hot water at all hours of the day.

toilet plumbing

Cistern Repairs

Contact our team to get your leaking or blocked toilet seen too now. We provide prompt repairs, swift solutions and preventative measures to minimise future risk of cistern overflow. Don’t let your home or business suffer unpleasant and expensive water damage. Find and correct the source of your cistern issues with Full On Plumbing & Gas today.

septic tanks

Septic Tanks

At Full On Plumbing & Gas, we offer septic tank installations and repairs. If you need a new septic tank installed on your residential or commercial property, call our plumbers now. Whether your septic tank is leaking or causing your cistern to overflow, our team is qualified to locate the issue and repair offending pipes and components so you don’t have to.